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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the -- in ebadi after surviving a bombing. >> her parents arrived in africa early this morning a prayer vigil was held for her. >> she is awake and alert. she knows what happened, but has no memory of the bombing that left her with a severe leg injury. >> 16-year-old emily kerstetter is on the minds and hearts of the students and staff at her school. they held a prayer service for her wednesday. >> it does not ever cross your mind that anything like this could happen. >> amalie and her mother -- and her grandmother, joanne were working with their church there. >> she is a tough woman.
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she is a fighter. she's going to get through this. brecht's grandmother joanne had a broken arm. doctors -- >> grandmother joanne had a broken arm. doctors say the boat are alert and -- say that they are both alert and aware at the hospital. >> i think she's just very happy to have her mother and father. >> amalie has undergone one surgery and will have two more this week alone. she will have a long recovery. she and her family are attached at the support at home. >> this is a difficult time and she is definitely being tested. >> her family is not sure when
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her condition will improve enough to let them come home again. but by the way, the family has established a fund to help defray her medal -- medical costs and other associated fees. the number and address is on your screen. we have the address on our website along with more pictures of amalie -- amaliemily. right now, we want to update you with some breaking news in harford county. captain roy taylor is with a car that somehow slammed into a building. >> this is northbound 543 hickory in harford county. shortly after 5:00 p.m.
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officials received a call of a crash. they found two people injured. one of them -- two cars crash and one of them inside -- ended up inside a building. one person was taken to shock trauma because the injuries were severe enough for that transport. they're still doing an investigation. state police are on the scene. right now, traffic is struggling to get through. >> after a dozen deaths in maryland do to the extreme heat of last week's heat wave, there
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is an update. >> earlier at a news conference to remind the public of the dangers when it comes to a heat wave, the mayor actually honored several paramedics she feels may have kept the death toll from rising. it was just last week when more than 150 residents of the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation facility had to be moved after living without air conditioning for more than a week during one of the hottest weeks baltimore has seen in quite awhile. someone called 911 at the facility to report the conditions and when paramedics arrived monday alerted city officials to the problem, most likely saving lives in the process. >> it was much too hot in the nursing home. the city was able to take emergency action to take care of 150 seniors who had been
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living without air conditioning for several days. >> the four umasems workers who first arrived were honored. >> [unintelligible] >> also wednesday in a joint effort between baltimore city and the state health department, officials urged allmir lenders -- all marylanders to pay attention to those more vulnerable in their community. let's check on them every single day. -- >> check on them every single day. >> so far in 2010, the department of health and mental hygiene reports 12 health -- he related debts.
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-- heat related deaths. none were considered homeless. for more duration on how to deal with the intense heat, as well as on cooling centers, go to but another overnight storm brought more rain, and some by more than others -- >> and other overnight storm brought more rain. some got more than others. let's check in with tom. >> the last of the showers beginning to become more scattered and lighter. you can see mostly central and eastern maryland dealing with the scattered showers. harford and cecil county have been picking up more rain. western maryland already into the dry weather.
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once we get into the rain, the heat and humidity is going to build up in the next few days. >> a resident sex offender was on the loose after u.s. mistakenly set free in baltimore county. -- after he was mistakenly set free in baltimore county. there was a mistake made with his transfer paperwork. he was released. he is being held downow and his case will move ahead with prosecution. >> 29-year-old devaughn anderson was taken into custody over the weekend after a search and seizure warrant was executed and a home in east baltimore. police recovered numerous laptop computers, printers, varies gaming systems and a need your help to find other victims who
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have had such items stolen. >> we are in the early stages of this investigation. these investigations are time consuming and fairly tedious. we will be working at this one for a while. >> the suspect is now charged with burglary. the fuad information, you are urged to call 410-396-3423. >> tonight, we have learned that the city is about to turn up the heat on one of baltimore's waterfront communities. there has been a long-running dispute over the waterfront, no promenade. grex the city argues that everyone else -- >> the city argues that everyone else who
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has built along the waterfront follows the rules of the promenade, so why should this area be any exception? >> the whole idea is to give everyone waterfront access. but at this relatively new town house development, the promenade is different. unlike the rest of the promenade. gregg'the deputy planner says td -- the city has been trying to for five years [unintelligible] a source familiar with the dispute says the city give them the idea for the floating promenade.
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and this easement agreement signed by the city and reporting to the land record in 2006 also allows the floating promenade. but the city says that same agreement also requires a more permanent promenade. even if the town house committee wants to close it off tonight -- at night for security reasons. >> there is a meeting twi-night between the city and the homeowners association. -- tomorrow night between the city and the homeowners association. >> still to come, a major company is moving its headquarters to baltimore county. >> and a one-stop shop when it comes to providing services to the community in thailand.
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-- high land. >> lots of rain in the past couple of days. hd doppler says the wet weather is winding down and now the heat and humidity is setting up to build up again. winds out of the north gusting to
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>> breaking debt -- breaking ground on its new 40,000 square foot building. it is an electrical and engineering firm. it is scheduled to be finished in may of 2011. >> a health-care facility in baltimore is giving patients a unique opportunity to get the heck -- the care they need.
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>> it is basically a one stop shop for patient care. it is a community health care center and like any of its kind in maryland. it offers everything from pediatrics and obstetrics to internal medicine and mental- health care. there's a wide range of clientele. >> there is a broad range of people that we serve in the country. a fair number of americans just entering the country. and some that have been here for generations. we have seen a lot of folks come year as -- come here as refugees.
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this is the first health center to be given the thumbs up for its green friendly set up. >> uygur are to people's homes and work with them, look in their cabins, see what butz they are eating. -- look in their cabinets, see what foods they are eating. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> movie east mainly out over the had planted now, but there are still -- moving east mainly out over the atlantic now, but there are still some scattered showers over harford and cecil counties.
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the showers are beginning to taper off, the clouds beginning to think of it. temperatures have warmed to their highest levels of the day in many locations in the past hour or so. a flood watch until 10:00 p.m. tonight. about three-quarters of an inch of rain officially today at the inner harbor. take the last five days, total it all of, saturday through wednesday at b.w.i. marshall, and this is one of the lower amounts we have seen, just under 3 inches. some places have topped 4 inches of rain. officially for the month, we
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have a 1 inch surplus. it has all been turning around in just the past week. for the year, 22 inches, less than half an inch below normal. the last couple of days, showers and storms have helped out quite a bit. still holding in the 70's with clouds and showers on the eastern shore. 67 to 74 for the overnight low. that area of low pressure will bring about the latest round of rain. there's not a lot of cool air behind this cool front, though. plenty of heat out here in the
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midwest and back to the southwest. that fall surge in our direction. clear skies tomorrow morning and just a couple of isolated showers on the coast. -- hot and humid friday and in that front will bring us the next chance for a decent rain for the early part of the weekend. tomorrow, high temperatures will be 90 to 95. bayh water temperatures in the low 80's. a nice day in the mountains, seney and 84. it will be hotter around the bay, with highs reaching the lower 90's. on the beach at ocean city, a comfortable 84. but inland caballo 90's. -- but in mind, low 90's. a slight chance for a storm sunday. temperatures still in the 90's
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next week. >> now, an avid sports with jerry sandusky. b>> last night's game belonged o pitchers. not only did the pictures shine, but the national league comes out clean for the first time in 14 years. -- comes out grinning for the first time in 14 years. joshua hamilton to the left. a world-class team great. not sexy, but not the least for the american league.
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his effort means home field advantage in the world series. >> this is what you dream about when you play baseball. it is a moment i will never forget. i was lucky enough to be in a situation to come through. >> the big house at the university of michigan, well, now they can call it the biggest house. the $226 million renovation later this summer will enable michigan stadium two-seat -- to seat 109,000 fans. it is the largest football stadium in the u.s.
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[unintelligible] now he's got to revive his career. beforetime defending cma champion octomom ilan -- the four-time defending cma champion, -- milan will be playing. the forecast coming up after this.
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>> the most decorated olympian in history is back in the pool. he is helping u.s. concord their fears. -- he is helping youths conquer their fears. conquer their fears.
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>> the rain will stop and then the heat will come. >> it seems to be that kind of summer. the last of the showers move out in the next couple of hours. it will clear and in the all- out sunshine really heat things up. 93 tomorrow. 96 friday and it could feel more like 100 with the humidity. it cools off just a degree or two by sunday and then we're right back into the 90's for next week. >> [unintelligible] [laughter] [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.


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